Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What the fuck is with this? I don't understand why lately all I've been seeing is these hair tie looking things in the shape of animals. Is this a fad like pogs and pokemon cards?
I can't tell you how much it grinds my gears when I ask a friend for their hair pony o and they reply, "This isn't a hair tie, this is a unicorn!" What the fuck is the purpose of these stupid things? All I know is I'm not going to start wearing them unless they give you magical fucking powers.
But hey who am I to judge? Let's ask some of the experts: Ashley and Catherine
Looks like CrAzY baNdS are way stronger so you better get some of them

Sunday, March 28, 2010


wrapping up a great WMC weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm still, I'm still an

Tea time. Things I did today. There was a lady at work who made me angry and it ruined my day. It makes me mad just typing about her but I don't want to backspace button this all so now that you all must know about it she was being mean and I was not in a very good mood for 6 hours of my day. Something else I did today. Driving home from my friends I made up a song, and it was so awesome but I got home and forgot the whole thing. It was so good, how did my brain just wipe it out in a good five minutes...I guess you will just have to trust me that I did it and it was awesome. Today I also wrote a 6 page paper in 3 hours (children, please, never take adderall). I wonder if anyone will read this.

This song never gets old, Jack White: I love you

Thursday, February 25, 2010


With the terrible, short-lived, month of February with all of its hearts, flowers, and devilish reminders that I don't have a significant other coming to a close (thank god) I have decided to start blogging after a month or so of putting it on a slight hold. Pictures went unhosted and I became too aggravated and busy to even attempt to touch my page. But! Here we are, March a few short days away and I am already anticipating the events that are to come. From Tim Burton's twisted sequel to Alice in Wonderland March 5th to Winter Music Conference, March is looking like it will be my favorite Month of far. One of my favorite bands that one of my best friends has turned me onto later last year, Portugal. The Man will be releasing a new album "American Ghetto" March 2nd! They are a groovy little soulful rockish indie blues-like awesomeness of a band from Alaska that I find myself listening to stoned or when I just feel like it I suppose. I'm pretty excited because I haven't heard much of it yet, but Click Here to download one of the new tracks off their new album, 'The Dead Dog'. It sounds pretty promising and I dig it a whole lot. I'm also heading up to Orlando on March 11th for the day to see them play at The Social. Click Here for their website.

That's all for now. Since March will be exciting so will I.
Keep on the balaclava,