Thursday, December 3, 2009


watch your heart

when we're together

boys like you love me


First of all. What??? An Alice in Wonderland porn flick? I didn't know this existed. Has anyone seen this? Is it good? What the fuck?

Secondly, WHATSUP DECEMBER. Click the picture to download what I felt like putting on my December playlist this month:

ITS CRUNCH TIME. Finals week. Art Basel week. My head hurts and I need to study for multiple finals all the while trying to work-it. Also, my friend Anthony & I are going to be doing a Toy Drive event Tuesday, December 15th in Boca. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and support. I will be throwing more info and the flyer up ASAP. Ask me for more info too. :) Toys & Turntables!!!!!!

Obama's e bombs?

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Anonymous said...

The toy drive in Boca sounds like a great idea! How can I help?