Monday, December 14, 2009


I haven't posted anything in so long. But here I am! Officially done my Fall semester of my third year of college. Made it through finals, art basel, and a crazy after week. Moving on to winter break, and wrapping up two thousand and 9 in a chaotic and malicious manner. I saw Classixx spin @ vagabond Friday and it was insanely awesome. If they are ever spinning around you you should definitely check them out. Im heading to New Jersey in a week so I'm trying to make this week a fun one down south. ALSO...remember when I told you about "Toys & Turntables"? Well thats THIS WEEK! WEDNESDAY. If you're in the area PLEASE come check it out and bring a toy, It would be greatly appreciated and its for a really good cause:
at CHOW in Boca ...Royal Palm Place there :)

And now, for your listening pleasure

Keep on the baclava,

nanananananananananananananana boys there?

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